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Through our strong and long lasting partnerships, our team tries their best to supply the most innovative and quality supplies for materials and parts for the aerospace industry. GVG Tech has fostered the innovation of commercial aerospace since establishment through the best supply for aircraft engine parts. Through careful logistics and ingenious solutions, we are able to provide dependable resources for commercial aircraft engine industries. We provide an expansive range of sources including but not limited to materials for engine parts, parts for engine overhaul, and more. With our service, GVG Tech. enables many commercial airliners to travel around the world.

Power Generation

GVG Tech. ensures products for significant advancement of the power generation industry worldwide in order to satisfy the need for inexpensive, trustworthy, and efficient power. We especially aid the improvement of nuclear power plants through next generation technologies and products. Some products that we carry include gas turbine and aeroderivative turbine parts, critical components of energy production. Through our trusted service, we continue to help power plants generate vital power for the communities and beyond.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction process, or EPC, faster and easier for you. To reinforce and assure procurement for your project, our team guarantees punctual delivery schedules and quality products. We cater towards any project to assist you step by step in the EPC process and have continuously supported construction and engineering of factories and more. At GVG Tech. we are able to provide raw materials, metal products, valves, fittings, gaskets, and more.