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Materials for Engine Parts Manufacturing

The materials we carry are pristine elements that can help produce innovative aircraft engines for commercial and military use. We carry products from OEM certified sources like sheets, plates, castings, forgings, tubes, and more.

Parts for Engine Overhaul

These aircraft engine parts are high quality components that can be utilized to replace overhauled engine parts. Overhauled engines can be removed, disassembled and repaired as needed with the help of our products. These parts for engine overhaul are usually used to repair and replace certain outdated areas of the engine and more. Through utilizing certain components in overhaul, you can rebuild and replace just the sections that are of poor quality to cut down on costs.

General Aviation Parts

Cobalt alloy is an alloy constituted mostly of cobalt with added components like aluminum, chromium, nickel, etc. Some resourceful characteristics are heat resistance and high strength, but is mostly used for its wear resistant qualities. This alloy is often utilized for gas turbine components. Cobalt alloys come in forms of weld wires and sheets.